About Us

Company Background

Founded in 2002 and based in Pearland, Texas, SpaceCenter Systems offers end-to-end Computer IT services for small and med-size businesses, with one to 250 computers. SpaceCenter Systems resolves all the issues related to managed IT services, consulting, support, website design, Search Engine Optimization, hosting and data backup. Our IT solutions enable businesses to concentrate on their competencies through enhanced productivity with their improved IT infrastructure. Our main focus is to keep your IT system operational and up and running by totally maintaining it, true Managed IT.

What we´ve learned is that most small to mid-sized businesses aren´t even aware that sophisticated IT/Technology solutions are available to them. We sit down with a company´s management and review their current situation, including technology, as well as needs and objectives. Then we recommend a custom solution leveraging existing technology as successfully as possible. As a true managed IT Company, we are measured on how well, and how efficiently, we help our clients achieve their objectives. In most cases we establish ongoing working relationships in order to ensure continued improvement.

Our technological expertise and extensive experience mean we´re able to work with virtually any system that´s in place, and recommend a solution that meets specific goals and objectives as stated by a given client. Other IT firms simply cannot offer that kind of depth and support, support you can rely on as your needs expand and evolve. Our goal from the start has been to help clients select, obtain and implement industry-leading technology so their businesses can grow and prosper. This commitment to delivering superior customer service and support at the most reasonable prices has made us the number one computer company in the Houston-Pearland area.

Service Department

At SpaceCenter Systems, we have a complete computer service and repair department for all your computer needs. From hardware failures to software issues, our trained technicians are able to diagnose and correct any problem you may have with your computer. Many businesses now rely on their computers to get things done. That is why at SpaceCenter Systems, we offer same day service for the majority of common computer problems, and if needed parts are not in stock at our store, they are often only a day away in one of our many warehouses.
We’re Your Business Partner

Our store offers a variety of services that help make SpaceCenter Systems your business partner. Our Business Development Managers are dedicated to providing our clients with thoroughly researched answers. Our Managers keep themselves informed on the latest technological innovations and are available for product recommendations and demonstrations. Also on board is a pool of qualified consultants and training companies ready to offer almost any kind of assistance from a customized software solution for your unique business needs to integrated network support. We have built strategic alliances within our industry that cover areas such as real estate, advanced desktop publishing, law and CAD, among others.
Network Services

While technology has allowed many people to work outside their offices, there are still plenty of ways to increase efficiency within the office. SpaceCenter Systems is a custom designer for network services. Networking allows offices to link PCs and Macintosh computer system to one another and share information without a worker having to leave a work station. At SpaceCenter Systems we can design a low-cost, effective networking system guaranteed to increase productivity and efficiency within your office. Our staff includes a Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) and Microsoft MCSE.
Internet Setup

The Internet isn’t a lot of hype, just ask your competitors. More and more companies are using the Internet to communicate with employees and clients via e-mail as a way to save on phone as well as faxing costs. The Internet has also become an ever-changing marketplace of products and services and a major tool used by businesses to not only stay ahead of their competition, but to also check up on what their competition is doing. Let SpaceCenter Systems get you flying on the Internet.
We Put Our Customers First

Our ability to assist our clients on important decisions on software, hardware and rapidly changing technology is what has made us leaders in our industry. Being accessible to our clients is what has earned us respect and helped us not only survive these tight economic times, but even expand. Not only do we sell our products, we demonstrate, teach, answer questions and provide follow-up training. When you walk into SpaceCenter Systems or phone us, there are no lines to wait in and no recorded voices telling you which buttons to push? You can bet when we ask “may I help you?” we mean it.
Service and Support

SpaceCenter Systems offers its clients a selection of services and support programs to fit their needs. All programs have been designed from more than 13 years of experience in the computer business. We offer carry-in and on-site service on all of our products. Our technical team is trained to perform routine maintenance, hardware upgrades, system configurations and network installation. Ask about our service capabilities, response times, travel charges and contract terms.

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