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Computer Maintenance and why it’s important.

Posted May 18, 2017 by Chase

Computer maintenance is by far one of the most important and tedious tasks required of a PC. It ensures that your data is properly secured, that viruses are not running rampant, that your software is clean and running smoothly, and your operating system is running at full capacity. But, it doesn’t end at just software side of things, externally you should be maintaining your computer as well. Cable management, keeping dust out of your system, cleaning the keyboard and screen, all of these things will help to extend the life of your PC all while ensuring that it is running at full capacity.

If you see cables everywhere and you don’t know which cables go where, it’s time for some cable management. A lot of times, buying a cable management box solves many issues for it allows for your cables to placed in one consolidated area and they are contained where they won’t be free to get tangled and looped around each other. This is immensely helpful whenever you’re moving your PC to another location and all you have to do at that point is unplug and go about your business. When cleaning your PC the ONLY thing you will ever need is a can a compressed air. Using compressed air will allow you to clean dust and other trash from in the inside of your PC, from the crevices of your keyboard, and dust away from the fans inside the case.

For your data and other software based things, always make sure you’re running data backups on your data in case of a system failure. Backups are saviors for people because sometimes computers will just die and without proper backups, could leave you stranded with no data and no computer, which is never a good thing. Always ensure you have an external hard drive that has a backup that you can use in case of emergencies.

Last but, not least, ALWAYS make sure you are running regular virus and malware scans. In 2017, we have seen a rise in ransomware and other similar viruses that can tear your PC apart, leaving you helpless without any way of getting your lost data back. Be extremely vigilante in your virus software and scans, and always make sure that you are avoiding shady websites and watching out for spam mail in your email. Hidden dangers lie inside of an unidentified email and can cause serious damage on your PC or network.

If you would like to read more about what to do to maintain your PC, visit the site below!

WannaCry Ransomware and What It Is.

Posted May 17, 2017 by Chase

This past weekend, a brand new Ransomware virus hit the worldwide web by storm causing mass hysteria in the tech industry. This new Ransomware is called “WannaCry” and it’s name is very fitting: it will make you want to cry. Not because it destroys your computer, rather, it encrypts data files in your system and will not allow access to said files until you pay the “ransom”. The amount of money the creators of this virus want is $300 worth of bitcoins.

Here is what the virus looks like.

In the first day alone, over 57,000 computers around the world were infected by this virus and by the end of Sunday, over 200,000 systems were hit. The UK was hit especially hard, more specifically in the healthcare sector of the country. WannaCry is one of the most severe malware attacks this year and it’s nowhere close to run its course. The virus encrypts almost every file type used my Microsoft operating systems and will essentially hold them “hostage” until the ransom is paid. If not paid by a certain date, the amount of ransom doubles. If not paid at all after a week, it will delete all of your files on that computer.

The best way to stay protected is to be vigilante in terms of what websites you are visiting and watch what you are opening in your emails. Windows has released a security update that will protect you from the virus. At this moment in time there is no fix for WannaCry, so in the meantime be vigilante and watch your emails.