Tape Data Recovery

Tape data recovery is the successful retrieval and copying of data from a tape cartridge that has been damaged due to any of the following:

  • Heat and Smoke Damage
  • Water Damage – Sprinkler System or Flooded
  • Damage Resulting from Dropping the Cartridge
  • Data Residing after an EOF Mark (Overwritten)
  • Damage Resulting from the Tape Drive
  • Damage as a Result of Aging
  • Damage Resulting from Exposure to Extreme
  • Temperatures or Humidity
  • Internal Cartridge Mechanism Failing
  • Permanent Errors Residing Mid File
  • Degraded Media

Tapes we are recovering from:
(Contact us if you do not see the tape in this list)

QIC/ 1/4” Iomega/Ditto
8mm Exabyte 8mm 8200/8500/8700, Mammoth, and M2 tape series
4mm DAT DDS, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4, DAT72 StorageTek 9840, 9940 series
Mini-QIC/Travan ADR
3480/3490/3490E 9-Track

Tape Duplication

Our higly experienced professional team can encrypt tapes at Government Encryption Standards and duplicate a large quantity of tapes within a short duration of time. Our best practices give you optimum results increasing your return on investment and making your operations more cost effective.

Tape Conversion

With several years of proven expertise in data recovery management we offer speedy and accurate tape conversion services with minimum erroneous data loss. We can convert and produce the data in any desired format and media. The data is extracted, converted, cleaned, loaded and verified using state-of-the-art technologies providing you with a flexible and a cost optimized plan for any size of tape conversion project.

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