Broken DC Jack
Broken DC jack and sound not working- these guys are AWESOME, they are knowledgeable, VERY helpful, and persistent in making sure you are SATISFIED. I HIGHLY recommend them and im a computer geek amateur, so that says alot. I did the research on prices of services, and they were very fair and performed their services in a timely manner. they even have a nice little shop with water and coffee, and a nice comfy sofa. but i digress, your computer is in good hands, im sooo happy i can fly a kite!! yaaay pearlands best kept secret. oh and to reviewer Dan, for u to say soldering is “sooo easy” then do it yourself, and their customer service is excellent.
Pool Controller
My pool controler mother board had issues after I replaced the LED’s on it. They repaired my poor solder job and bridged a resistor to get me back in business. They did a awesome job and saved me $600.00.
Computer Virus and Pop Ups
My computer was infected with different types of viruses that kept making my laptop shutdown or have a billion and one things pop up. I looked up computer repair near me and found a couple places, but most of the places wanted to charge me by the hour or they just gave me a ridiculous price. I brought it by SpaceCenter Systems and they were way cheaper than Best Buy, Friendly Computers, and others because they didn’t charge by the hour. They told me that they would run multiple tests to make sure everything is running properly and to find out what the problem is. Later on that day I received a call from one of the techs there telling me I had a Trojan virus and that they would clean it up for me and clean up some spyware. It took them about a working day to fix my computer which was great response time compared to being told a week at least by other places. I haven’t received any problems ever since they cleaned it up and made it working again. My personal experience with this company was great and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants low prices and fast service.
Busted Mini Tower
I have an older Dell Mini tower that fried on me a week ago. I brought it in and got it diagnosed, turns out the motherboard had blown capacitors. They replaced the capacitors and the tower has been running smoothly ever since. Most places I called did not touch board level replacements, but these guys were knowledgeable and managed to fix me up. Will be going back!
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